One Million Views

Tiyan Baker

One Million Views by Sydney-based artist Tiyan Baker examines the emotional transactions between three Australian YouTube celebrities and their fans.

The YouTubers are singer and vlogger Damielou Shavelle, political commentator Angry Aussie and ASMRtist Lauren Ostrowski Fenton.

Through a series of video portraits Tiyan captures the YouTubers and fans going about their daily mundanities in their own homes. The portraits show the disparate offline moments that frame their online lives, laying bare the relationships in their physical, tangible forms to explore what it means to be present yet also absent.

Tiyan questions how intimacy is transformed when transmitted through a mass medium like YouTube. Is the internet is simply a heaving mass of human intimacy?

Tiyan Baker is an early career Indigenous Malaysian-Australian artist who practices across video, sound and installation. Baker's practice mostly engages communities where contemporary Western crises around power, exploitation, neoliberalism, neo-colonialism, environmental degradation and psychospiritual alienation are staged. Her work is heavily based in field-research, drawing on documentary techniques to explore the emotional experience of the self as embedded in greater socio-political contexts.