Jack De Lacy

Jack De Lacy is an emerging Sydney based artist working across digital and non-digital platforms. He is interested in self-portraiture and how the image can be manipulated to provide a curated version of the self. ‘The image’ refers to not only 2-dimensional representation (photographs, paintings, drawings etc.), but to physical and behavioural characteristics that are outwardly projected. Jack’s work attempts to portray the self as an increasingly bodiless manifestation that can exist in both virtual and non-virtual dimensions.

Model / Modal is an exhibition of digital self-portraits created through processes of 3D modelling, drawing, painting and photography, with many of the works also incorporating screen grabs and text. Jack identifies ‘the veil’ as a recurrent aspect within Model / Modal. In the traditional sense of the word, a veil is a piece of material or a physical boundary used to conceal/reveal. In Jack’s self-portraits however, he uses layering, opacity and image/data saturation to obscure and make illegible already ambiguous imagery.

“Model/Modal looks at images as contested surfaces of fiction, communication and identification. Increasingly the image tacitly separates inner contents from outside realities. I am interested in self-portraiture that darts around the peripheries of the physical and non-physical, around a desire to be noticed, yet a growing need for privacy and to be unseen.” - Jack De Lacy