Fleeting Moment

Ariana Ross / Emmy Walsh / Susanna Carter

From travel photographs of a grandmother’s adventures, to vintage magazine cut-outs and botanical illustration, the artists in Fleeting Moment use both analogue and digital assemblage to explore moments of material, environmental and societal change.

Susanna Carter examines temporality and mimicry within wildflowers, foliage and gardens. Through analogue and digital collage, she uses imagery from second-hand book pages to form new compositions that seamlessly obscure and camouflage the end of one image and the start of the next. More recently Susanna has been using found text to form poetry as she looks at the temporary nature of her subject matter (both the physical collages and the subjects within the images themselves). Many of the collages in this body of work exist only as digital images that were scanned and later destroyed/rearranged to make new works.

The theme of temporality continues across the work of Emmy Walsh. In our obsessive, image saturated era, Emmy considers the consequences of human interference on dream travel destinations and idyllic natural environments (in the rise of social media exposure and location trending). Emmy sourced old fading Kodak film photographs from her grandmother’s travels that depict pristine landscapes of Hawaii, Japan, Canada and New Zealand. These then served as a backdrop for her to overlay photographic documentation of an acrobatic performance, seeking to rouse conversation on the true cost of “#wanderlust” and the authenticity of our curated travel experiences.

Ariana Ross creates narratives of everyday experiences and dreams associated with living in major cities. Filled with abundances of freedoms and inescapable struggles, these places are fast paced and ever-changing. Ariana uses magazine cut outs and her own photographs of people, urban cityscapes, seascapes and animals.